Saving energy with single plies

Interest in energy-efficient roof systems has never been higher. Since 2005, double-digit increases in oil, natural gas and electricity rates have spurred energy-related legislation that is quickly gaining momentum. It seems the U.S. is finally getting serious about energy efficiency.

On the low-slope side of the roofing industry, the use of cooler, more reflective roof membranes is a trend that's growing stronger each year. But reflective roof membranes are only part of the issue.

Currently, progressive roofing manufacturers are doing more than just offering reflective roof membranes that save energy in warmer climates. They also are researching and marketing new improved products and installation techniques designed to make roofing contractors' work quicker and easier. For example, labor-saving self-adhering, reflective single-ply and modified bitumen roof membranes can increase roofing contractors' profit margins and offer significant cost savings for property owners.

Reflective TPO, PVC, EPDM and modified bitumen roof membranes—and even ballasted roof systems—are a good bet for most commercial buildings in warmer climates.