Shoe stores & sunshine

Quest Construction Products helps build North Carolina's largest photovoltaic array atop SHOE SHOW's distribution center

The falling prices of photovoltaic (PV) panels are resulting in more installations, and one of the largest PV projects in the U.S. is in Kannapolis, N.C., at SHOE SHOW INC.'s distribution center.

Founded in 1960, SHOE SHOW is the largest independent shoe retailer in the country. During the past 50 years, the company has continued to grow with stores named SHOE SHOW,® SHOE DEPT.® and Burlington Shoes. Currently, SHOE SHOW has 1,123 locations in 37 states. The company focuses on providing quality products, service and value. It has maintained its formula for success through technological advances and operating efficiencies, such as a standard shoe design and an efficient distribution center, and has become a pioneer in developing sustainable procedures in-house and in its stores.

On solid footing

Demonstrating its commitment to environmental sustainability, SHOE SHOW recently installed a 5.2-megawatt (MW) PV array atop its distribution center and corporate office. Before it invested $22 million in PV panels, SHOE SHOW wanted to be sure the existing roof system was sufficient for the PV installation and approached HydroStop, Charleston, S.C., a brand of Quest Construction Products, Charleston, about the project. One-third of the 1 million-square-foot roof system already had PV panels installed over the existing 8-year-old TPO membrane. The remaining two-thirds had a 12-year-old TPO membrane.