Smart selection

Help homeowners make informed roofing decisions

Homeowners throughout the U.S. likely can agree the 2010-11 winter was one of the worst in recent memory. Snow piled up from New York to Dallas with the Northeast experiencing brutal storms weekly and sometimes daily. The extreme weather events have left many roof systems needing repair or replacement.

Roof system replacement typically is a nondiscretionary budget item. Homeowners do not have much choice: Replace their aging or storm-damaged roofs or face major consequences. This is a primary reason why residential reroofing remains a viable profession as demand for new home construction remains stagnant in many parts of the U.S.

Furthermore, with resale home prices still low, many homeowners are being forced to hold on to their properties longer than they intended and are facing decisions on capital costs, such as reroofing, which they might otherwise have left for the next owner to make.

Although many homeowners contact you out of necessity, to prosper you must present them with a high level of service. You must compete for individual homeowner business on a job-by-job basis; listen to homeowners and understand their wants and needs; and be an expert at identifying, recommending and delivering products to satisfy those requirements.