Software solutions

NRCA compiles information about software programs

Every day, you make business decisions that affect your company's efficiency, productivity and, ultimately, profitability. Among those important decisions, there is one that is especially challenging—purchasing software. At some point, you probably have thought, "Should I buy an estimating software program?" And if you decide to purchase a program, a more challenging decision has to be made—which one.

NRCA receives numerous inquiries asking which estimating software is the best. NRCA's response to this question is similar to its answer for another commonly asked question, "What is the best roof system?" Simply put, there isn't one product that is best-suited for every company's needs. There is an assortment from which to choose with a wide range of prices and multitude of features.


For many, purchasing an estimating software program is a significant investment, so it is important to select the right one for the right price. Software companies vary on how they determine prices. Some companies offer one-time fees, and others have annual or monthly charges. Prices also vary depending on how many people will use the software.