Solving the plastic waste problem

Recycling plastics can help create sustainable products, a better environment and increased value for customers

As our society strives to find ways to reuse materials, the challenge of how to handle plastic waste is front and center. Plastic waste is a growing global problem; although recycling efforts have been around for decades, overall plastic recycling rates remain low.

But various industries, including roofing, are finding materials made from recycled polymers can add value and enhance the performance of their products. This provides an economically sound and beneficial avenue for recycling and reuse, creating the potential for a more "circular economy" for plastic waste.

The plastic waste problem

Since large-scale commercial production of plastics began in the 1950s, their use has grown exponentially. Lightweight, durable and versatile, plastics are modern society's material of choice in countless applications and as a replacement for glass, steel, wood and other materials. But with the ever-increasing production of plastics comes the challenge of what to do with them after initial use. The sheer size and scale of global plastic waste is staggering.