Starting over

NRCA member roofing contractors contemplate the different roads they could have taken

If you had a chance to start over in your profession, what would you do differently? Would you still choose roofing? Would your company be more diverse? Would you have taken more risks?

These are a few questions Professional Roofing asked some NRCA contractor members. The contractors provided a wide range of responses and some surprising revelations. Following are responses from Bill Bubenzer, president of Henry C. Smither Roofing Co. Inc., Indianapolis; Ed Gallos, president of Master Roofing Ltd., Winnipeg, Manitoba; Rob McNamara, president of F.J.A. Christiansen Roofing Co. Inc., a Tecta America company, Milwaukee; Lisa Sprick, vice president of Sprick Roofing Co. Inc., Corvallis, Ore.; and Bill Taylor, president and chief executive officer of D.C. Taylor Co., Cedar Rapids, Iowa.

Bill Bubenzer

During my junior year of college, I decided to pursue a career in aviation and interviewed with the owners of a small regional commuter airline. I wanted to be an airline captain "when I grew up."