Staying safe

Five safety tips every roofing contractor should know

Roofing is demanding work requiring a great deal of skill and attention to detail. It's also dangerous work requiring vigilance at all times. Even the best roofing contractors can become complacent when it comes to safety because when you spend countless hours on top of buildings, working at significant heights can start to seem as natural as working on the ground.

But roofing contractors should never allow complacency to enter a job site. As a roofing contractor, you have the power and responsibility to control many of the variables that can prevent tragedy for employees. No one wants to make an unpleasant phone call to a crew member's family following an accident, especially if the accident could have been prevented—and most accidents can be prevented with the appropriate preparation, awareness, training and equipment.

Essential Guidelines

Every roofing contractor should be aware of and adhere to the following five essential guidelines.