Stepping forward

Roofing manufacturers' sustainable practices are reducing the industry's environmental impact

Sustainability has become a trending topic within the roofing industry. Considering 40 million tons of roofing waste are sent to landfills each year, according to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), it may seem overwhelming to undertake sustainable initiatives to counter the industry's ill effects.

But in reality, small sustainable steps taken by roofing professionals are producing positive results. Distributors are finding ways to consolidate freight to reduce the number of trucks needed to transport products and introducing hybrid vehicles into their fleets. Roofing contractors are developing new sales materials to help customers learn about sustainable features of various roof systems and recycling torn-off roofing materials.

And as the creators of roofing products delivered by distributors and installed by contractors, manufacturers also have opportunities to practice sustainability. Following is a look at the sustainable practices some roofing industry manufacturers have adopted to reduce the roofing industry's environmental impact.