Talking tech

Roofing professionals met during the International Roofing Expo® to discuss how their companies use technology

Technology constantly is evolving and changing our reality. It affects our personal and professional lives, often adding efficiency and productivity.

The roofing industry has not been immune to these changes as companies use drones more frequently on construction sites, discover more advanced technology to help keep workers safe and implement estimating software, among many other things. Even artificial intelligence recently has become a topic of interest.

Since 2014, NRCA's Young Contractors Committee has held its Young Contractors Committee Roundtable Discussion: Emerging Technology in the Roofing Industry during NRCA's annual convention and the International Roofing Expo (IRE). The roundtable offers roofing professionals an opportunity to discuss how they use technology and the challenges they face, as well as an opportunity to take away some ideas they can implement at their companies.

This year's roundtable was held Feb. 6 during NRCA's 131st Annual Convention and the 2018 IRE in New Orleans. Participants discussed technology with other roofing professionals; members of the Young Contractors Committee and other NRCA member volunteers served as facilitators at the tables. The event also included a Q & A session with Chase Lecklider, president of Chase Restoration LLC, Indianapolis, and co-chairman of NRCA's Young Contractors Committee; Erica Jackson, president of CYE Enterprises, Jacksonville, Fla.; Geoff Mitchell, CEO of Mid-South Roof Systems, Forest Park, Ga.; J.J. Smithey, president of Frost Roofing Inc., Wapakoneta, Ohio; and Brad Sutter, executive vice president of Sutter Roofing Co. of Florida, Sarasota, and co-chairman of NRCA's Young Contractor Committee.