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Roofing research revealed

In December 2003, ASTM International's Committee D08 on Roofing and Waterproofing held a technical symposium about roofing research and standards development. The symposium was the fifth in a series dating to the mid-1980s and provided some insight into current research being conducted in the U.S. roofing industry.

The symposium consisted of presentations of 10 research projects conducted by 31 researchers. The sidebar lists the presentation titles. An overview of several presentations follows.

Topic overview

In "Measuring uplift resistance of asphalt shingles," adhesion (uplift resistance) of asphalt shingles' self-seal strips is tested by three test methods. The research's data show a "double-peel" method of testing provides results between those derived using ASTM D6381, "Standard Test Method for Measurement of Asphalt Shingle Mechanical Uplift Resistance," and a "T-pull" method. The T-pull method represents the case of more rigid shingles that generally exhibit greater uplift resistance.