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An updated standard

In December 2014, ASTM International revised and updated its product standard applicable to oxidized roofing asphalt, ASTM D312, "Standard Specification for Asphalt Used in Roofing."

Earlier editions

ASTM D312 originally was developed, approved and published in 1929. In 1978, ASTM D312-78 was updated from its 1971 edition and reformatted into its current format. The softening point ranges for ASTM D312-78's Type III and Type IV asphalts increased by 5 degrees Fahrenheit from the 1971 edition's to 185 F to 205 F for Type III asphalt and 210 F to 225 F for Type IV asphalt; these ranges still apply in ASTM D312's current edition.

ASTM D312's 1971 and 1978 editions established asphalt's minimum flash point temperature as 437 F.