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Updating energy codes

The Department of Energy (DOE) has issued a notice of final determination requiring U.S. states to file certification statements with DOE by May 17 indicating their residential energy codes meet or exceed the requirements of the International Energy Conservation Code,® 2012 Edition (IECC 2012). Previous similar determinations have prompted states to update their energy codes. Because IECC 2012 is notably more stringent than previous energy codes, states' energy code adoptions should concern you.

IECC 2012

IECC 2012 provides for notably more energy-efficient buildings than the code's previous editions.

As it applies to roof assemblies, IECC 2012 provides for increased minimum R-values; mandatory roof surface reflectivity requirements in climate zones 1 through 3; and requirements for continuous air barriers as components of building envelopes, including roof assemblies.