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IBC 2003 edition released

In March, the International Code Council (ICC) published an updated edition of the International Building Code (IBC). The 2003 edition (IBC 2003) presents the code as originally published in 2000 with changes approved by ICC through 2002. A number of changes are roofing-related; the most significant follow.

Asphalt shingles

For asphalt strip shingles, the code's 2000 edition generally required attachment with a minimum of six nails in regions where buildings' basic wind speeds are 110 mph (49 m/sec) or greater. In IBC 2003, this has changed to require " ... special methods of fastening ... " that need to be tested according to ASTM D3161, "Standard Test Method for Wind-Resistance of Asphalt Shingles (Fan-Induced Method)," modified to use a 110-mph (49-m/sec) wind speed.

As a result of this change, in high-wind regions where IBC 2003 applies, roof system designers and installers will need to specify and install asphalt strip shingles that specifically have been tested for the 110-mph (49-m/sec) requirement. You should consult asphalt shingle manufacturers for specific products that comply.