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Concerns with ASCE 7-10

The 2010 edition of ASCE 7, "Minimum Design Loads for Buildings and Other Structures," has been published and incorporated into the International Building Code, 2012 Edition. ASCE 7-10 contains significant revisions to the standard's previous edition, ASCE 7-05. Several of these changes significantly will affect the wind design of buildings' exterior envelopes, including roof systems. Therefore, you should be familiar with ASCE 7-10 and its changes.

Comparing standards

In ASCE 7-10, wind-load requirements are provided in Chapters 26-31. In ASCE 7-05, wind-load requirements were provided in Chapter 6.

ASCE 7-10 provides six primary design approaches applicable to roof systems, as well as a wind tunnel testing method, compared with three design methods contained in ASCE 7-05. ASCE 7-10 provides simplified design approaches for roof heights of 160 feet or less; ASCE 7-05 applied the simplified approach to roof heights of only 60 feet or less.