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Single-ply advice

NRCA recently published NRCA Guidelines for Single-ply Membrane Roof Systems. The document provides NRCA's best-practice guidelines applicable to materials, design and installation of single-ply membrane roof systems in a single volume.

Single-ply guidelines

NRCA Guidelines for Single-ply Membrane Roof Systems is arranged in a 10-chapter format with two appendices.

Chapter 1—Roof System Configurations describes various single-ply roof systems and directs users to other chapters for more detailed descriptions of roof assembly components (roof decks, insulation, membrane types, etc.). Specific descriptions are provided for adhered; mechanically attached; and ballasted, loose-laid single-ply roof system configurations used in new construction and roof system replacement operations. Separate configuration descriptions are provided for roof re-cover operations. Overall, 15 configuration descriptions are provided.