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FM 1-29 revisited

In May, I summarized the revisions FM Global made to its Loss Prevention Data Sheet 1-29, "Roof Deck Securement and Above-Deck Roof Components," that became effective in January. (See "FM 1-29 updated," May issue, page 18.) On June 22, representatives of FM Global and FM Approvals conducted an online seminar called "FM Global Roofing Industry Forum" to explain their rationalizations for the changes. Following are some reasons provided by FM Global and FM Approvals.

FM Global

FM Global is a $4 billion property insurance company whose policyholders are some of the world's largest companies. FM Global primarily focuses on risk management through engineering that helps policyholders prevent, minimize and control property losses backed by an insurance company.

FM Approvals, a business unit of FM Global, is an independent product testing and certification company whose clients primarily are product manufacturers. FM Approvals certifies industrial and commercial products and services for loss prevention.