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Issues with TPO membranes

TPO membranes have experienced significant market growth since their introduction in 1993 and are widely accepted in the roofing industry. However, several organizations, including several TPO membrane manufacturers, have raised concerns regarding TPO membrane performance. If you are involved with specifying or installing TPO membranes, I encourage you to be aware of the issues raised.


During the 2009 International Roofing Expo,® GAF Materials Corp., Wayne, N.J., conducted an educational session during which company representatives identified, based on their research, key performance indicators for TPO membranes. The research illustrated notable differences among manufacturers' product formulations and the effects these differences can have on field lap seaming and membrane weathering.

In August 2009, Carlisle SynTec Inc., Carlisle, Pa., announced it had made a formulation change to its TPO membranes several years before to provide enhanced ultraviolet and heat-aging stabilizers intended to improve long-term membrane performance.