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Repair guidelines for TPO membranes

In June, the Western States Roofing Contractors Association (WSRCA) released TPO Roof Membrane Repair and Maintenance Guidelines. This new document provides contractor-developed recommendations for TPO membrane roof systems' maintenance and repair. The guidelines should be especially useful for building owners with TPO membrane roof systems on their buildings and roofing contractors who install such roof systems.

Repair guidelines

TPO Roof Membrane Repair and Maintenance Guidelines is a 150-page document published in a three-ring binder that contains more than 290 color photographs of specific conditions and repair procedures. The document is divided into four sections: introduction, review of methods, repair types, and glossary and references.

Section 1—Introduction provides an overview of the document and includes a statement that the document is intended to encourage careful periodic inspection, preventive maintenance and any necessary repairs to cost effectively extend TPO membrane roof systems' service lives.