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New guidelines for sheet-metal flashings

NRCA has published NRCA Guidelines for Architectural Metal Flashings, which provides guidelines for contractor-fabricated architectural metal flashings used as roof assembly components. If you design, specify, fabricate or install architectural metal flashings, I encourage you to use this new manual.

The new manual

NRCA Guidelines for Architectural Metal Flashings contains excerpts from The NRCA Roofing Manual specifically applicable to architectural metal flashing systems for roof assemblies.

Chapter 1—Guidelines Applicable to Metal provides information about the various metal types, including ASTM International standard and grade designations, and metal finishes commonly used in architectural metal flashings for roof assemblies. Also, additional information is provided about the galvanic series and corrosion potential for metal that contacts other metals; oil canning; cleats, clips and fasteners; drip-edge considerations; and metal joinery methods.