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ARMA's new manual

In August, the Asphalt Roofing Manufacturers Association (ARMA) published an updated, revised edition of its Asphalt Roofing Residential Manual. The manual is intended to provide good practices relating to asphalt shingles, roll roofing and self-adhering roll roofing used in residential roofing applications. But because manufacturers' instructions may vary from ARMA's guidelines, it is important for roofing professionals to compare ARMA recommendations and manufacturer instructions.

Chapter review

The 2006 edition of ARMA's manual consists of 18 chapters and 124 pages; the previous 1997 edition consists of 14 chapters and 104 pages. The most obvious difference with the new manual is it addresses three-tab strip shingles and architectural laminated shingles separately. Also, additional chapters address flashing conditions, application of hip and ridge shingles, and application of self-adhering roll roofing.

The new manual's initial chapters address the advantages, manufacturing and selection of asphalt roofing products; design considerations; estimating how much roofing is required; and preparing for a job.