Technological evolution

NRCA updates its decades-old low-slope membrane roof system repair manual

This month, the NRCA Repair Manual for Low-slope Membrane Roof Systems, Second Edition will be published. The new manual updates and replaces the ARMA/NRCA/SPRI Repair Manual for Low-slope Membrane Roof Systems published in 1997.

The repair manual is an unbiased, authoritative reference guide of industry best practices for the maintenance and repair of low-slope membrane roof systems, including built-up roofing, polymer-modified bitumen, thermoplastic and thermoset roof membrane systems.

Scope and audience

Repair procedures contained in the manual are based on information collected by NRCA from knowledgeable, practicing roofing contractors located in the U.S. and Canada. The procedures reflect the consensus of the consulted roofing contractors, but the manual is not intended as an exhaustive reference for all practices or applications. Other repairs not noted in the manual, such as repairs based on time-tested area practices, may be acceptable. The procedures in the new manual are intended for the identification and permanent repair of low-slope roof membrane deficiencies.