The EPDM outlook

The EPDM Roofing Association makes headway in research and communication

Since the EPDM Roofing Association (ERA) was founded in 2002, it has sought to educate the construction and roofing communities by providing current, accurate data; technical information; and educational forums to discuss the characteristics and benefits of EPDM roof systems. As one of the newest trade organizations in the roofing industry, ERA has worked with its members to provide a balanced viewpoint about the various regulatory agendas and trends affecting EPDM product usage.

During 2004, ERA focused much of its efforts on research projects that verified the performance of EPDM roof systems. Although economic factors and technology improvements have combined to produce much of EPDM's recent growth, at least part of the credit must go to ERA for its efforts to improve awareness of EPDM performance. Following are some of the major initiatives undertaken in 2004 that will continue into 2005.

Research focus

An objective of ERA is to provide new technical information to the architectural, roofing and construction industries regarding EPDM performance. To meet this objective, ERA undertook two research studies that explored various facets of the long-term field performance provided by EPDM roof systems. The studies—one on membrane performance and the other on maintenance history—provide useful data about the life-cycle performances available from EPDM roof systems.