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Stimson Marina chooses FiberTite® roof membranes to protect its patrons' boats

The nautical expression "to pass with flying colors" is derived from when ships would come back from battle with their flags flying to indicate they were victorious. On the Stimson Marina in Seattle, this phrase has another meaning. The green-and-white-striped roof on Seattle's largest covered freshwater marina located on Salmon Bay is not only the marina's signature trademark, but it also is a geographical reference point for pilots. "If you can locate the Stimson Marina or the Space Needle, you know where you are," says Brent Howell, facility manager at Salmon Bay Center in Seattle, who oversees the Stimson Marina. For more information about FiberTite Roof Systems, please call Seaman Corp. at (800) 927-8578 or visit

New reinforced polyester for APP/SBS modified bitumen membranes

Jzh Company officially launched a new reinforcement material for APP and SBS modified bitumen membranes. The material is made of polyester mat and fiberglass mesh, is lightweight (90 g/m2) and has a high tensile strength (MD 650N/5CM, CD 500N/5CM) that is stronger than 200g/m2 spunbond polyester mat. It also features high thermostability. This is a revolutionary product. Visit or email See us at the 2016 International Roofing Expo® at Booth 2421.