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The SSQ275: Offering snap-lock and seaming in one panel!

New Tech Machinery, a manufacturer of portable roof panel and gutter machines, announces the SSQ275 NewLock Panel System. This panel can be snap-locked and mechanically seamed! Along with the panel, we've developed a proprietary program complete with licensing, testing and an optional Installation and Detail Manual. Because of its recyclability, metal roofing continues to be an environmentally sound choice! Visit New Tech Machinery in booth No. 1301 during the 2015 International Roofing Expo® for demonstrations and discounts. For more information, call (800) 574-1717 or visit

Feel the difference with SUMMIT® Synthetic Underlayment

As an alternative to traditional #30 and #15 organic felt underlayment, SUMMIT Synthetic Underlayment from Atlas Roofing is designed to provide greater strength, longer exposure and safer walkability while offering water-shedding capabilities to protect a structure from water damage. Learn more about the benefits of SUMMIT Synthetic Underlayment at