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Choose a Safety Hoist material hoist

For more than 45 years, Safety Hoist Co. has focused on designing and manufacturing the most durable material hoists in the industry. They're safe and OSHA-compliant for lifting 200-400 pounds. Unlike roofing conveyors, they require no special training and are simple to set up and operate. Unlike boom trucks, they are affordable. The VH-300 offers added stability and strength; the HD-400 provides extra lifting power for larger operations. Choose your hoist. Visit or call (877) 99-HOIST.

ASG-U Clamps from Alpine SnowGuards

The rugged, versatile clamp-to-seam technology of Alpine SnowGuards' ASG-U Clamps provide a secure attachment point without penetrating roofing material. Available for vertical and horizontal seams, the clamps use two oval-point set screws so they will not void roofing manufacturers' warranties. Like all the systems in the Alpine SnowGuards line of innovative products, ASG-U Clamps offer precision engineering, fast and easy installation, extensive testing, and a cost-effective solution and are made in the U.S. using recycled materials. For more information, visit or call (888) 766-4273.