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Fast and simple shingle-starter product

MFM ShingleStarter™ is a self-adhering, self-sealing waterproofing membrane that eliminates the need to cut shingle tabs, saving the contractor valuable time, material and labor costs. The membrane aggressively bonds to the roof substrate and features a sealing strip to prevent shingle uplift at the roof edge. ShingleStarter is a 50-mil granulated product with a roll size of 7.2 inches by 33 1/2 feet. Product meets ASTM D 1970, Florida Building Code FL 11842.1 and ICC-ES ESR 1737 and is Miami-Dade County-approved. For more information, visit

No generator? No problem!

Leister's 120V/15A UNIROOF E 40 mm leads the pack in the compact class of automatic welders. Its portability provides you with the convenience of plugging into house power instead of hoisting a generator. In addition, the UNIROOF E 40 mm's compact design makes it ideal for small areas that are not easily accessible by other welders. For more information, visit