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No-leak Skylight

VELUX's The No Leak Skylight offers roofing contractors and their clients the security of a no-leak product warranty plus the industry's first 10-year, no-leak installation warranty. The redesigned deck-mounted product family features materials and methods that make installation easier and faster plus money-saving prefinished white frames and sashes that eliminate the need for painting. Preinstalled brackets for quick and simple blind or shade installation offer additional profit opportunities through accessories sales. For more information, visit or

The Only Hybrid Green Roof System

LiveRoof®'s patent-pending technology provides "subterranean modules" for soil-to-soil integration. This integration allows water, nutrients and beneficial organisms to travel freely between modules, allowing for natural function and beauty. LiveRoof is grown by a network of professional horticulturists with experience growing plants in a given project's local climate. Learn more at or by calling (800) 875-1392.