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Roof kits comply with new OSHA directive

Titan B-Compliantâ„¢ Roof Kits from Miller Fall Protection comply with the new Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) Residential Construction Directive and provide a complete fall-protection solution for roofing applications. The kits simplify product selection by providing all components necessary for fall-protection safety. Kits include a full-body harness; rope grab with a permanently attached 3-foot lanyard and a shock absorber pack; high-strength rope lifeline with a locking snap hook; reusable stainless-steel roof anchor with a D-ring; and waterproof storage container. Visit for more information.

TPO-coated roof pipe flashing

Menzies Metal Products' 5-Skin Roof Pipe Flashing fits all common plumbing pipes. TPO coating is applied to the one-piece aluminum base, allowing an applicator to heat-weld TPO membrane directly to the flashing. The TPO coating also can be applied to all metal products the company manufactures. Additionally, Menzies Metal Products can manufacture roofing products customized to application specifications. For more information, call (800) 665-8840 or visit