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TPO Direct Weld testing yields dramatic results

A test group of Canadian roofing contractors were recently supplied withTPO Direct Weld-treated sheet-metal strips and instructed to perform a pull test to see how well the TPO bonded. EVERY strip passed the test! Menzies TPO Direct Weld bonds to the TPO membrane so well the membrane will separate at the scrim while the bottom layer of the membrane stays bonded to the coating. For more information, call (800) 665-8840.

White elastomeric coatings—Kool Grey available

The quality and performance that can be found in Polyglass' white elastomeric coatings now is available in Kool Grey. Available for Polybrite® 70 and PG700 Polybrite 24 in pails, drums and totes, Polyglass elastomeric coatings extend the useful life of roof systems. The Kool Grey color offers the same high-performance levels of thermal emittance as our bright white coatings. Polybrite 70 and PG700 versions meet ASTM-D 6083, as well as Dade County and Florida Building Code. For more information, visit

Synthetic roof underlayment