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Synthetic roof underlayment

For more than 11 years, InterWrap Inc.'s TITANIUM® has been recognized as the leading brand of synthetic underlayment for use under all types of sloped roofing materials. Continual research and design has resulted in the most advanced underlayments available in the industry. TITANIUM products offer industry-leading slip-resistant front and back surfaces, including the only patented mechanically enhanced, nodular slip-resistant walking surface. If your roofing project demands a premium 50-year warranty, safe and comfortable walking surface, high- and low-temperature peel-and-stick ice-dam protection, or a more durable 30-pound felt replacement, InterWrap has a TITANIUM product to meet and exceed your expectations. InterWrap now also offers RhinoRoof,™ a 15-pound felt replacement specifically designed for use under asphalt roofing materials. For more information, visit

New polymer surface underlayment

MFM Building Products recently unveiled StormStopper FSU™ (film surface underlayment), a 45-mil-thick underlayment composed of an embedded traction surface polymer film laminated to a rubberized asphalt adhesive. This self-adhering product installs under edges, eaves, valleys, skylights and chimneys to protect from water penetration. It is suitable for application under shingle and metal roof systems. Roll size is 36 inches wide by 66.7 feet long and comes with a split-release liner for ease of application. For more information, call (800) 882-7663 or visit

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