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New edge metal and accessories for single-ply roof systems

Mule-Hide Products is excited to announce our new edge metal and accessories for single-ply roof systems. Our line of edge metal and accessories reduces installation costs and increases productivity. Our wide assortment of standard and custom-fabricated products are quick and easy to install, helping to reduce labor costs by eliminating on-site metal fabrication. All our products are inspected, wrapped in protective film and shipped to job sites ready for installation. Contact Mule-Hide Products at (800) 786-1492 or or visit for more information.

TPO Direct Weld testing yields dramatic results

A test group of Canadian roofing contractors were recently supplied with TPO Direct Weld-treated sheet-metal strips and instructed to perform a pull test to see how well the TPO bonded. EVERY strip passed the test! Menzies TPO Direct Weld bonds to the TPO membrane so well the membrane will separate at the scrim while the bottom layer of the membrane stays bonded to the coating. For more information, call (800) 665-8840.

Metal roofing for low-slope applications