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AccuLynx Business Management Software helps you get your sales team, schedules and job documentation working together so you know exactly what's going on at all times. When you have visibility to the status of every job, real-time profit analysis, accurate production schedules and your whole team follows the workflow you create, it takes some of the work out of running your business. Less hand-holding and checking up means you have time to focus on what's really important—planning how to handle the growth. Learn more about AccuLynx by calling (866) 981-5969.

TPO Direct Weld coating

Our TPO Direct Weld coating bonds so well the membrane separates at the scrim, leaving the bottom layer of the membrane securely bonded to the TPO Direct Weld-coated surface. Our TPO Direct Weld coating can be applied to stock and custom products. Menzies Metal Products makes superior roofing products. See for yourself! Call (800) 665-8840 today for your free TPO pull-test sample. For the complete line of our TPO Direct Weld-coated products, visit