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Carlisle SynTec Systems wins IRE Best New Product

Carlisle SynTec Systems' Sure-Flex KEE HP PVC was honored with the Best New Product award at the 2014 International Roofing Expo® (IRE) Product Showcase by a panel of industry experts. Carlisle's KEE HP PVC membranes contain a solid KEE HP (high-performance) plasticizer with a higher molecular weight than standard KEE. Featuring enhanced thermal performance, a wider window of weldability, superior cold-temperature flexibility and a higher level of resistance to chemicals, KEE HP PVC is an ideal roof membrane for virtually any job. For more information, contact Carlisle SynTec Systems at (800) 479-6832 or visit

Hunter Panels' Cool-Vent saves energy

Hunter Panels offers Cool-Vent, a rigid roof insulation panel composed of polyisocyanurate foam core manufactured as a ventilated nail base roof insulation panel. Cool-Vent is an environmentally friendly product constructed with a top layer of oriented strand board or plywood, a middle layer of wood spacers and a bottom layer of polyisocyanurate foam insulation. It has a standard 1-inch air space, which allows airflow in all directions that provides improved cooling and ventilation while decreasing moisture vapor and heat build-up, saving energy in the building. For more information, contact Hunter Panels at (888) 746-1114 or visit

Roofers who know choose Leister

Leister's UNIROOF E 40 mm automatic welding machine features controlled temperature and drive output (which automatically compensates for voltage fluctuations), high-quality, rust-proof materials and ample power reserves. With its 1.6-inch overlap nozzle, the UNIROOF E 40 mm provides upwards of 2,900 watts of power with only a 13-amp current—25 percent more heat than its predecessor. In addition, the UNIROOF E 40 mm's compact design makes it ideal for small roofs (less than 5,382 square feet) and areas not easily accessible by other welders. For more information, visit

Steep- and low-slope roof accessories

Menzies Metal Products offers drains, vents, flashings and accessories for roofing professionals. We manufacture superior low- and steep-slope and TPO roofing products. Custom alternatives are built to your specifications. Canada and U.S. approval listings are available on our website. Visit, or call (800) 665-8840.

GenFlex™ EPDM offers high-performance roofing material

GenFlex EPDM single-ply membrane is tough and durable, offering excellent resistance to ozone and ultraviolet light exposure. And it's reliable, maintaining elasticity and flexibility that lasts. Our proven roof systems have performance histories of more than 20 years and can be warranted for up to 20 years depending on the system design. GenFlex features four single-ply EPDM membranes and provides a full line of peel-and-stick flashing, accessories and low-volatile organic compound primers and adhesives. For more information, visit

The NRCA Roofing Manual—2014 Boxed Set

One of the most widely recognized technical publications in the U.S. roofing industry has been updated! The NRCA Roofing Manual—2014 Boxed Set gives you comprehensive information about low- and steep-slope roof system design, materials and installation techniques applicable to almost all types of roof systems. This boxed set contains Architectural Metal Flashing, Condensation and Air Leakage Control, and Reroofing—2014; Steep-slope Roof Systems—2013; Metal Panel and SPF Roof Systems—2012; and Membrane Roof Systems—2011. For more information, visit or contact NRCA's Customer Service Department at (866) ASK-NRCA (275-6722) or


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