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Elastomeric Acrylic Roof Coatings

Mule-Hide® elastomeric acrylic coatings are professional-grade, premium products contractors trust. The product line includes metal roof primer, flashing grade, and standard- and specialty-finish coatings such as Skylight Finish. A-300 Finish and A-320 Finish meet Cool Roof Rating Council and ENERGY STAR® requirements. Mule-Hide offers professional-grade systems to be used over metal, asphaltic substrates and areas where ponded water occurs. Masonry wall coating comes in four standard colors. Contractors have assurance of superior weatherability, flexibility and reflectivity. Visit, or call (800) 786-1492.

The Only Hybrid Green Roof System

LiveRoof®'s patent-pending technology provides subterranean modules for soil-to-soil integration. This integration allows water, nutrients and beneficial organisms to travel freely between modules, allowing for natural function and beauty. LiveRoof is grown by a network of professional horticulturists with experience growing plants in a given project's local climate. Learn more at or by calling (800) 875-1392.