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High-temperature self-adhering underlayment

MFM Building Products' Ultra HT Wind & Water Seal™ is a premium high-temperature-rated self-adhering underlayment composed of a cross-laminated, nonslip polymer film laminated to a 250 F-rated high-temperature rubberized asphalt adhesive. It is engineered for use under most roof systems, including metal where high heat is generated. This 45-mil underlayment comes in a 36-inch by 67-foot 2-square roll. It is Miami-Dade County- and Florida Building Code-approved and has a 10-year limited warranty. For free samples, visit

SSQ Roof Panel Machine adds two new profiles

Visit New Tech Machinery in booth No. 606 at METALCON Denver to check out two new panel profiles available on our best-selling roof panel machine, the SSQ! The SSQ produces an impressive 15 different profiles and allows users to change tooling in 45 minutes or less: one wrench and no tape measure! A popular profile is the 1- or 1 1/2-inch FWQ flush wall/soffit/underdeck that runs up to 22-gauge steel. Please visit or call (800) 574-1717 for details.