The good old way

A courthouse in California is given a fresh look

Out with the old, in with the new is a common way of thinking—many people believe new things are better. The historical society of Orange County, Calif., knew it needed something better for its county court system but didn't want to get rid of the Old Orange County Courthouse, Santa Ana, Calif., which opened in 1901.

In 1969 and again in 1999, the county built new courthouses to accommodate its needs. Although this meant the Old Orange County Courthouse no longer would be filled with bustling activity, the county knew the building still had historical significance. To return the courthouse back to its original glory and make it worthy of its historical status, the city embarked on an extensive renovation project in 1983.

In August 2001, Best Roofing & Waterproofing Inc., Gardena, Calif., began restoring the Old Orange County Courthouse's metal tile roof system. To keep with the philosophy that new is not necessarily better, the company reinstalled the original hand-crafted metal tiles, which resemble mission tiles, after making deck repairs.

Photo courtesy of LaMar Photography & Video, Harbor City, Calif.