The importance of training

Properly training new employees goes beyond job-site demonstrations

The past year has been an important one for NRCA as the association rolled out two major initiatives aimed at improving the industry’s image and workforce: NRCA ProCertification™ and NRCA’s Qualified Trainer program. (To read more about NRCA ProCertification, see “Certifying the industry,” February 2019 issue.)

Both were borne from the idea that to draw more employees into the industry, the industry must offer clear career paths and proper training and education. A qualified trainer is someone recognized as being trained to be a trainer, and an NRCA Qualified Trainer is someone who has been trained by NRCA specifically to be an effective trainer in the roofing industry.

Training trainers

Training a trainer is important work. Simply explaining to someone how to do a particular task and sending him or her out with a crew is not a thoughtful approach to training. Demonstrating a task or skill to a new employee once or twice while on a job also is not effective on-the-job training. However, this type of training takes place at many roofing companies and often leaves management and foremen surprised when employees do not perform as expected.