The power of commitment

The roofing industry continues its long tradition of charity

Each year, Professional Roofing's August issue features stories of generous contributions made by roofing professionals to people in need. This "charity" feature always is one of our readers' favorites.

But what does "charity" mean? Does it mean kindness and generosity? Sympathy? Philanthropy? Or just trying to do the right thing?

As is always the case, the roofing industry gave generously during the past 12 months. Roofing contractors, manufacturers and individuals donated money, time, labor and materials to people who desperately needed it. While researching this year's stories, I realized what charity really means: Where there's a will, there's a way.

Whether it's organizing a food drive, helping repair a building damaged by a tornado or donating materials for needed roof repairs, the roofing industry responds tirelessly. As long as there are people who are unable to afford necessary repairs to their homes, roofing professionals will be knocking on their doors, ready to lend a hand.