The truth about poaching

Few Latino employees will leave you if they trust you and you help them grow

In May 2014, Inc. magazine published the article "How to Master the Art of Poaching Employees." Yes, there actually are people teaching you how to poach employees to solve labor needs.

In a way, business relationships are like marriages. You spend a lot of time with and invest a lot of energy into your employees, and they invest a lot of energy into you. For whatever time period you are together, you are locked at the hip. But as in a marriage, if a person has been unfaithful, chances are high he or she will cheat again. So if you build your workforce by poaching employees from competitors, realize that if they were willing and able to leave another company for yours, if something that appears better comes along, they'll leave you, as well.

The fear

One thing I often hear when I encourage contractors to send their Latino workers to training and educational events is: "Why would I send my Latino employees to an event where my competitors will try to poach them from me?" (According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics [BLS], the term "Latino" "refers to persons who identified themselves in the enumeration process as being Spanish, Hispanic or Latino. Persons of Hispanic or Latino ethnicity may be of any race.")