The whole package

Helping customers realize the value of a branded roof system increases customer satisfaction and company sales

Successful roofing contractors invest in a wide array of systems, such as payroll, inventory management and information technology, to keep their businesses growing. But though most roofing contractors appreciate the value of investing in systems to build their companies' infrastructures, some overlook how selling and installing a branded roof system can help them achieve more sales.

It can be challenging to explain to homeowners why they should invest in a branded roof system when competitors are quick to quote less expensive systems composed of components from several manufacturers, but learning how to do so can help grow your business.

What is a branded roof system?

Simply defined, a branded roof system comprises components that have been developed and documented by one manufacturer to work together. Talking about a home's roof in terms of a system is a simple, straightforward way roofing professionals can explain to homeowners how the different parts of a roof system work together to protect their homes.