Tighter controls

Biometrics can help make your workplace more secure

No doubt you've read plenty of articles about how to make passwords for company devices more secure to prevent possible security breaches. But now companies are moving away from passwords toward various biometric security measures.

In a CNNMoney.com article, Alex Simons, director of program management in Microsoft's identity division, said: "We're seeing a very rapid evolution from what used to be passwords, then smart cards, and now to biometrics."

Biometrics relies on face, fingerprint and/or iris scans to confirm a person's identity. In the workplace, some employers have implemented biometrics to unlock company phones and computers and access data.

CNNMoney.com reports Spiceworks, a professional network for people in the information technology (IT) industry, says nearly 90 percent of businesses will use biometrics by 2020, up from 62 percent today. Fingerprint scanning is the most common type of biometric authentication. Facial recognition is far less common. And some companies want to do away with passwords altogether.