To stop a thief

There are simple ways to prevent job-site theft

In a struggling economy, desperate people do desperate things—including steal. During these difficult times, many roofing contractors can't afford to be lax and risk theft at their job sites, facilities and shops.

Stacy Kaufman, director of marketing and sales for the National Equipment Register (NER), is knowledgeable about heavy equipment theft prevention after working for 11 years at LoJack® Corp., Westwood, Mass. NER manages a database that records equipment theft and ownership records and facilitates information sharing with insurers, equipment owners and law enforcement.

According to Kaufman, who highlights "10 Myths of Equipment Security," there likely will be more theft as the economy recovers because more construction work will be performed.

Therefore, it is important for you to be prepared for potential theft at your job sites and take steps to prevent it. NER offers useful tips to help you protect your job sites.