Under construction

Boca Raton's new high school was built around the existing campus

After almost 40 years, Boca Raton Community High School, Boca Raton, Fla., no longer could accommodate students—more space was needed for classrooms and school functions. In addition, the school's buildings, which were prone to flooding because of their low-lying locations in Boca Raton, were in poor shape. Roof system leaks were common, and mold had plagued the school. The school district, therefore, created plans to build a new campus.

But the school district did not want to close the school during construction, so the project was completed in three phases to minimize disruption of the school. During phase one, some new buildings were built around the existing campus; the existing buildings were torn down during phase two; and the new buildings were finished during phase three. The area where the existing campus stood was replaced with an outdoor courtyard.

Because of the project's unique progression, Trans Coastal Construction Co., West Palm Beach, Fla., which was brought into the project by general contractor Centex-Rooney Construction, Plantation, Fla., had to pay particularly close attention to the schedule. The roofing contracting company's work began in June 2002—during phase one—and consisted of installing roof systems on six new buildings. The company returned to the job site in September 2003—during phase three—to finish roof system installations on other buildings.

"They had a tight schedule and were eager to make the new buildings watertight, which is one reason they wanted a roof system that could be installed quickly," says Duane Burgard, president of Trans Coastal Construction.