What's imagery got to do with it?

Aerial roof system measurement tools are changing the bidding landscape

Roof system measurements by aerial measurement providers offer roofing professionals an appealing alternative to climbing ladders, as well as convenient, online ordering and guaranteed accuracy.

Sounds great, right? If the accuracy offered can be trusted, why wouldn't you rely on aerial measurements to avoid climbing a ladder and the hassles and costs of site visits? You could significantly grow your business with such a tool, but not all roof system measurement offerings are created equal.

Defining aerial measurement accuracy

Aerial measurement of structures and land features became possible in 1994 when a unique technology for image capture was patented. This technology, called Pictometry,® created a novel process for collecting high-resolution aerial oblique imagery. Oblique imagery is captured at an angle to show the fronts and sides of structures as opposed to traditional orthogonal imagery that captures limited, straight-down rooftop views.