What’s the cost?

Changes to NRCA's equipment cost schedule could mean significant changes to your bottom line

The accountability, use and cost of trucks, cranes and roofing equipment are important elements in a roofing contractor's operation. You need to make sure you have accurate information—improperly determining equipment cost rates can negatively affect your bottom line.

The 11th edition of NRCA's Roofing Contractors Equipment Cost Schedule recently was released and lists some of the most common products used in roofing operations. In addition, the publication provides help when determining equipment costs for your roofing business based on depreciation, major repairs, interest, taxes, storage and insurance. Following is an overview.

What it is

NRCA's equipment cost schedule is an electronic document to help roofing contractors make informed decisions when setting roofing equipment cost rates. It includes descriptions of the pieces of equipment as they commonly are sold; their selling prices; and monthly, weekly, daily and hourly expense rates.