What the heck is EOS?

A new business management system can help your company thrive

The most successful organizations excel because they follow a system. In football, Nick Saban's Crimson Tide perform year after year because of the system the team follows. In the military, the U.S. Marines turn over 80 percent of the entire organization every five years, yet it remains the most effective fighting force on the planet because of the system it follows. In the roofing industry, your company also could operate just as successfully by implementing a strict operating system. Mine did.

One such system is a hot trend in business: the Entrepreneurial Operating System™ (often called EOS). After decades of business consulting success, Gino Wickman documented this program in his book, Traction. The simple system enables business owners and managers to elevate priority issues, allowing an entire organization to focus on the highest priority issues or opportunities. Following is an overview of the system, the steps you can take to implement it in your organization and resources that will expand on the ideas represented here.

Foundational tools

At first, I was reluctant to buy into the touchy-feely movement of implementing core company values and the importance of business plans. It wasn't until our company employed more than 10 people that I realized how critical it is to make all business decisions based on a set of higher standards and goals. The Entrepreneurial Operating System can help you do that and is based on the following foundational tools, with the most important being the Vision Traction Organizer. When embarking on your Entrepreneurial Operating System journey, you should: