When the search is over

Lead generation depends on understanding and maximizing online search engines

Your roofing business needs leads. Even in good times, you need lots of them to grow and profit. And with the explosion of the internet during the past decade, online sources have become a primary starting point for finding the leads you need.

But it's not easy. Figuring out online lead generation can be confusing, time-consuming, expensive and difficult to focus on while you're driving to a job or working in the office. And, often, it's unproductive.

To make matters worse, as the internet matured, so did a system full of media sales hucksters, ad agency pretenders and virtual carnival barkers—all of whom are happy to promise "all the quality leads you need" for your roofing company.

Yes, they will spend your money and generate "impressions," "events," "likes" and all sorts of other activity. But you don't want impressions or activity for their own sake. You want high-quality, productive leads that turn into profitable, high-quality customers.