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Texas Roof Management donates a new roof system on Dallas Woman's Forum

When C.H. Alexander built his 12,500-square-foot mansion in Dallas in 1904, the city did not have electricity, so he placed a generator in his backyard to power the home. Soon thereafter, Alexander helped the city evolve from horse-drawn buggies to streetcars when he formed the Dallas Consolidated Electric Street Railway using 27 miles of track and seven cable cars.

In 1930, the mansion was purchased by the Dallas Woman's Forum, a nonprofit organization whose mission, purpose and goals are to empower women and children through education and advocacy. In 1968, the mansion was awarded a Texas state historical marker and is the last remaining stately mansion in its original form along Ross Avenue.

Designed by skyscraper builders Sanguinet & Staats from Fort Worth, the mansion features seven fireplaces, oak and mahogany wood paneling, hand-carved moldings, mother-of-pearl inlays on doors and windows, a 10-foot-tall Tiffany glass-inspired window depicting a grape arbor in the entryway, and columns crafted in Italian marble.

In 2016, the Dallas Woman's Forum began fully renovating Alexander Mansion. The renovation will include structural repairs, restoring mosaic tiles, rehabilitating stained glass, refurbishing crown moldings and other significant repairs in addition to a new roof system installed by Texas Roof Management Inc., Richardson.