Working on the workforce

NRCA Chairman of the Board Nick Sabino testifies before Congress on behalf of the roofing industry

On May 22, NRCA Chairman of the Board Nick Sabino, president and founder of Deer Park Roofing Inc., Cincinnati, testified before the House Committee on Small Business at a hearing to discuss the need for immigration reform that meets small businesses’ workforce needs. Testifying before Congress was an ideal opportunity for NRCA to advocate for solutions to an ongoing problem affecting the roofing industry.

Highlighting the problem

Sabino began his testimony by providing an overview of his business, describing how Deer Park Roofing is working to develop innovative solutions to recruitment challenges. The company has created an employee training and development program that provides internships and career paths for all associates. Working with three technical schools, three high schools and seven recruiting partners, Deer Park Roofing devotes substantial resources to attracting new employees.

Sabino noted that despite his company’s workforce development program and recent industry wage increases, Deer Park Roofing still has difficulty finding qualified applicants to perform the work necessary to meet consumer demand. Although Deer Park Roofing recently hired several new employees, the company still needs 10 to 15 more people immediately to keep up with a backlog of work that has reached record levels. The company’s experience is a common one in the roofing industry, and the problem is expected to become more severe in the future as a result of an aging workforce and other demographic trends.