Communicate to sell

I recently went to my public library for an art show organized by The Stew Pot, an agency that feeds the homeless. The show featured homeless artists who created their pieces at The Stew Pot's art center.

As I studied the paintings and wall hangings, a gentleman approached me and proudly walked me over to his work. He told me art was his way of expressing himself; however, when he was in jail he had been forced to improvise. He used the fronts of unused envelopes for paper; shells of M&M's and Skittles for paint; and a toothpick as a paintbrush. By putting a dab of water on top of an M&M or Skittle, he was able to scrape the color onto the toothpick and apply it to the envelope.

I had not planned on purchasing any art that day, yet his paintings and story intrigued me. I purchased one beautiful envelope that now is framed and hanging in my office. This piece of art inspires me to embrace creativity. It also highlights three absolute truths about how to communicate to sell.

Truth #1